A Little Vent on Inappropriate Comments

I will not beat around the bush here, basically I have recently had a few issues with some things that have been said to me. Not mean, hurtful things, just flippant comments that stuck with me because of how they made me feel. Two have stuck out the most and I will share them with you:

  1. I was sitting in a restaurant with my family having dinner ( a Turkish restaurant, I had a kebab btw) and the waiter there is overly friendly, you know the type who comes and joins in the conversation every time he brings you a drink or whatnot. Usually I don’t find this absolutely unbearable but he would do it in a very personal way which I just find slightly improper. He asked me if he had seen me before, making it seem like I was the outsider and he should have been sitting down eating with my family, and then proceeded to ask me why I was so serious. Look, I know this sounds silly but who the hell does he think he is telling me I’m too serious? What business is it of his to ask such questions as if he had a right to know? As if he knew me enough to determine if I am in fact a “serious” person or not. And so what if I am? Just because I wasn’t continuously giggling at his stupid comments and “jokes”.  He continued calling all the female members of my family “pretty” and “princess”, eurgh! So corny! And then proceeded to try and flatter my father by telling him that “all families need a person like you as their chief”. CHEESY AF amiright!? Anyway, the fact is that he made me feel as if I did not belong there, and he was super annoying all night.
  2. And now the second one; this one might be a bit more relatable…  Essentially a family friend told me I shouldn’t be eating pizza if I wanted to “look good for the boys at the beach”. A flippant comment, made in jest, chucked out into the conversation that has left me feeling fat. I know I’m not fat, yes I do have a little muffin top and yes my legs move when I walk but I am a size 10, and regardless of size, I don’t feel fat, I usually feel very body-confident. It has taken me a long time to accept that my body is not supposed to look like a model on a catwalk, that is not my body type and I am fine with that now but it takes practice and it takes constant care for oneself to love oneself ♥ And to say that to a teenage girl, in this day and age when comments like that can provoke eating disorders and such is a very silly thing to do. Things said in a second can last a long time in someones mind.


So there you have it! Sorry for a super lame post about me complaining but I needed to get that off my chest! Does anyone think I am over-reacting? I don’t know, but those things made me feel bad about myself and I don’t think that’s good.

M xx


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