A Postcard From Rome – A visual diary

We arrived in Rome around 10 am. Lucky us getting to head straight to a little cafe for a marvelous white chocolate croissant.  Unfortunately my brothers photography skills proved to be somewhat lacking as I discovered during our trip. Anyway here I am reaching for my phone at the precise moment he decided to finally take he picture.
Trying to walk off that croissant. Found this cute tiny bridge in a park. Had to pose. My brother did however manage to capture an adequate picture this time.
Sore feet, my outfit (I had planned this outfit out carefully knowing that I’d want to look beautiful in pictures) was letting me down slightly as I had not anticipated the 27¬įc heat or the astounding amount of walking we did. In any case I was ecstatic to finally see the Colosseum, although getting a nice picture of it proved difficult thanks to the agglomeration of people from many different places.
Gelato. I can safely say I have never eaten so much ice cream in such a short amount of time in my life. No regrets there though. If they made it like that where I live I would quite happily live off it. My favorite flavours include natural yogurt and really dark chocolate
The food in general was absolutely amazing, and I did not hold back, ordering bruschetta for starters at pretty much every meal. It has now become one of my favourite things to eat.
Went to see the pope. He didn’t greet us so we just hung around outside the Vatican for a while before wondering off to find more food. Also, the sun made a halo-like circle around the building which looks preeeeetttyyy.

And that’s a wrap on my little travel diary. I had such a lovely time and came home happy and about 10 kg’s heavier. (That’s how you know you’ve had a good holiday I suppose)

Ciao Ciao ,

M xx


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