Built to end: a short poem

Built to end

hotter sun, longer nights

sun creme packed, commercial flights

pretty dresses, no need for tights

sandy beaches and city lights

trying new foods, summer haze

relaxing holiday, time to laze

across the rocks, meeting a gaze

minds a mess, thoughts a maze

same hotel, breakfast jams

shy hellos to holding hands

carefree laughter and making plans

whispered promises during live bands

no longer lips, now only cheek

 a Casanova and too much heat

angry things said, one word: cheat

tired eyes and hot concrete

summer romance, built to end

no wants to just “stay friends”

far too messy, no attempts to mend

no more plans, not even the weekend

back to normal life again

seeing people, don’t think of pain

cold concrete, long nights of rain

burying the memories, in vain

written by me on the 21st of May 2017, an ode to the summer romances which are ” built to end”


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