Friendly smiles, quick hellos

Jandals on, suntanned toes

Wild beaches, native birds

Great big paddocks, sheep in herds

Big back gardens, lawns mowed

No second stories, all bungalows

Hungry tummies, something craved

Need some chips from Pak ‘n’ Save!

With only one thing left to do;

Lots of  aroha from me to you!


A short poem about the feel New Zealand casts out: I tried to capture the carefree, outdoorsy, farmy, friendly vibe that the small country is known for. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and would definitely recommend going and meeting some people and seeing the sights. Although it is a reasonably advanced country in terms of technology and everything, you can still find cute little places that seem left behind in this fast paced world, they are, I believe, the best places.




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